Jessina Nicole is a freelance fashion stylist and blogger from Minooka, Illinois.  Jessina's introduction to fashion was a happy accident. After finding out her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001, she started exploring art and writing to escape the regular hospital visits and mounting uncertainty. In 2008, she discovered her joy for fashion, styling, and how to use them to create complex, visual stories.


She started a fashion blog in college to share her budget-friendly outfits with others, but she quickly began to realize the social and environmental dangers of fast-fashion. In 2017, Jessina rebranded her blog to focus on health and wellness, ethical fashion, and conscious living. She is now based out of Chicago, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Business.


Jessina often finds inspiration in architecture, color, art and nature. She combines all of these elements to create visual stories that challenge space, light, lines and emotion with an eclectic and minimalistic styling approach. Jessina spends most of her free time scouring the city’s murals, museums, parks, coffee shops, local markets and trendy boutiques for the next project.


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